Top Selling Gadgets and Accessories in Pakistan 2020

Gadgets and accessories constantly help in enhancing the user experience of using electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, etc. Gadgets and accessories now come in different shapes and sizes so they can be easy to carry. The way to use them is also kept simpler so that they can be used with the utmost convenience. Following are few of the categories of best-selling gadgets and accessories in Pakistan:


With the invention of AirPods by Apple in 2019, the trend of AirPods has replaced the use of wired handsfree and AirPods are among the top-selling gadgets in these days. According to Business Insider, Apple sold roughly 60 million AirPods in 2019. Apart from apple, other industries like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi have also started producing their own AirPods which are sometimes sold by the name of airports too. Airpods are among the top-selling gadgets in 2020 in Pakistan. Their market is very promising and it is progressing on an hourly basis.

Phone Case:

Phone cases help in changing the appearance of the mobile cells meanwhile they also provide protection to the phone from any damage. Phone cases come in a variety of colors and designs. Nowadays, people buy customized phone cases according to their taste, this shows phone cases are very much in demand. The brand new look provided by the phone cases appeals a lot to viewers and so other people also tend to buy new cases.


One of the latest gadgets in the current era is Smart Watches. Huge brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi have launched their respective smartwatches and these watches are generating enormous revenue for them while providing a wonderful user experience to the customers. They can perform numerous tasks like answering calls, music players, fitness tracker and a lot more. Their specifications are a lot like mobile phones. This gadget is of great help when one is away from his phone. Smart Watch market is enormous and there are available at reasonable prices. The more sugar you add, the sweeter it gets. Smart Watches have become a fashion symbol.

Mobile Stands:

With the new wave of Vlogging and Tik Tok in this era, mobile stands and Selfie Sticks are in demand. People are investing in these types of gadgets to ease their video shooting work and improve the quality of content they produce. The sale of these items is increasing with every passing day.

 Mobile Gamepads:

This gadget has started to replace gaming consoles. Mobile gaming pads provide the ultimate experience of gaming on mobile phones. Now gamers don’t have to spend a hefty amount of money on buying gaming consoles. This gadget is easy to handle and fantastic at working. It is available online at cheap prices.

Power Banks:

Power Bank is another name for an external battery. When the phone battery dies in the middle of the work, it comes to the rescue. This gadget is seen in every person’s essential accessories. They are easy to carry along and have proved to be very useful on long trips and during long business hours. Their prices differ according to their power. Most power banks have the capacity to charge a phone twice. Hundreds of power banks are sold on a daily basis.

Other top-selling accessories and gadgets include:

  • Extra Mobile Camera Lens
  • Cable Convertors
  • Bluetooth Speakers

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