2020 and online shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping is on the verge of revolutionizing the business scenario in Pakistan. It has greatly affected the marketing strategies of companies to sell their products. It has also changed the consumer’s experience to judge the product and buy it. Since the last few years, a lot of sellers have turned towards online selling for all sorts of goods.

Online shopping in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, people are mostly accustomed to the traditional style of shopping which is going to the store and physically checking and buying the products. But with the advancement in internet and digital media, this habit is changing and a large population is using online shopping to buy the desired products.


Means of online shopping:

Popular sites for online shopping in Pakistan are, Ali Express, Export Leftover, etc. These sites offer a wonderful experience of shopping to the buyers and help them in buying all the quality products at somewhat reasonable prices. Apart from these, there are official sites of almost each and every brand which ensures 100% original product at the doorstep of consumers.


Payment Services:

Various banks provide services to pay via debit cards or debit cards. Even though few banks are giving various kinds of discounts on online shopping but the majority of buyers in Pakistan rely on the “Cash on Delivery” offer so that they can ensure the quality of the product before paying for it.


Variety of products:

One of the important reasons for the uprising of online shopping is the vast variety of products that are offered on this platform. Consumers can find each and everything from a simple needle to a brand new car without leaving his home in a single click.


Electronic Accessories:

With the fast innovations in the field of electronic devices like laptops, mobiles, and related accessories. It is hard to keep up with the new advancements and with a lot of thugs in this field, it is also difficult to differentiate between a good and a bad quality product. One needs a reliable source to get rid of these fake products and is just the site for this job. provides every latest electronic device accessory in the market at a reasonable price and is the most reliable source of buying mobile and laptop accessories out there. These accessories make our mobile and laptop usage experience better. They never compromise on the quality of their products so customers order their products without a second thought. They offer great discounts and provide a diverse range of accessories to provide a wonderful shopping experience.

Future aspects in Pakistan:

Even with no and other renowned sites not operating in Pakistan, the online shopping industry in Pakistan is flourishing day by day. Sellers are selling goods like electrical equipment, shoes, cosmetic goods, etc online. There is still a lot of room for development in online shopping in Pakistan and it is going to be one of the most successful industries in upcoming years.



Online shopping in Pakistan has changed the scene of buying and selling goods. It is still developing by leaps and bounds every day. It has helped the local industry to reach the masses and sell its products. The government should pay heed to this growing industry and help in its development by making good policies and promoting these kinds of platforms to other businesses to flourish.


How to avoid fake products while shopping online


Now-a days every luxury item is available online but with the increase in the variety of products being just a click away, there is also an increase in the risk of ordering a fake item. Consumers often fall in the trap of buying a low-quality product sold by some thugs. Here are a few tips to avoid fake products while shopping online:


Price is too good to be true:

Customers often succumb to the temptation of buying a product which they think is an original product at a very small price but they get very upset when the product is not the same which was shown to them online. Consumers should look beyond the price tag and think that if the price is that good, then there must be something fishy going on. You might find something slightly cheaper but in reality, you’re paying way more for the product of that quality.



Pay attention to packaging:

  When you get a product, look closely over the packaging. Official brands usually print their logo on the packaging. Look for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes because this will help you in spotting the fake ones. When you buy products in a bulk, scammers mix the real products with the fake ones, this way you will be able to distinguish between them.


 Check the identity of the seller:

When you have found the product of your liking, check the identity of the seller and look for the following details to verify:

  • The name of the company,
  • the geographical address,
  • the e-mail address or a genuine contact form
  • the phone and fax number, if available.


Search for consumer reviews:

 When buying a product, look at the consumer reviews to judge the quality of the product. Scammers can also put fake reviews under a product so one needs to pay attention to spot the real reviews from the fake ones.


Check your consumer rights on the trader’s website

Online traders are obliged to provide you with clear and correct information about your consumer rights, such as the 14-day withdrawal right or the legal warranty of at least 2 years. Products with a clear-cut warranty are most likely to be of good quality.


Report the fake sellers:

 So despite you being careful, you still got scammed, now what. First, you contact the seller and let them know about the product. Sometimes even the seller doesn’t know about the B-grade quality of the product because they are getting the items from a third party.


If the seller is not cooperative and he is not compensating for your loss, report the seller to the higher authorities and try to get the seller banned from selling further products.



To cut a long story short, while shopping online, buying fake products can be avoided by first confirming the authenticity of the website, then thoroughly review

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